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  1. Roger laid down and rubbed his butt. He said with curiosity, "Why do you always seem so embarrassed?"
  2. Roger's insides were flushed with a wave of warmness as he felt Cody cum inside. Roger's head hit the bed as he released himself as well. His breath was heavy with pleasure and ecstasy. "Not bad at all," said Roger with a sly smile.
  3. Sitting up, Valentine stared at the new acquaintance. "Nice to meet you, but I gotta get some work done. Sorry." He lifted up the cat boy and sat him down, getting up himself and walking deeper into the forest. He came upon a patch of blue grass that had a thick texture. He pinched off a few strands and placed it in his knapsack. "I think that is the final ingredient," he said with a small smile. He turned back and started for home.
  4. Valentine felt heavy pressure in his chest and started coughing, opening his eyes to find the unexpected guest. He looks into the cat-boy's eyes and only mutters out "Hi."
  5. Valentine finished up and looked off at the mysterious creature walking back into the forest. He seen many strange things in his time, but he never seen anything so close to human. "Huh, I wonder who he was." He felt a sudden tiredness creep over him once again, so he put his satchel behind his head and drew his eyes closed. The warm sunlight periodically touched his skin through the leaves of the tree he slept under.
  6. The bird flew off as Valentine finished his drawing. "Thanks for the visit," he said with a soft smile. His curiosity was picked when he heard a few footsteps coming from behind. "Huh, something at the river?" He got up and slowly walked down. His jaw dropped when he saw him and he said quietly to himself, "I never seen a person with cat like features." He tried to sit behind a rock and start to draw. "I gotta record this."
  7. Roger felt his dick grow harder every second as Cody's silk like hand grabbed and rubbed him. His tip turned bright pink and felt incredibly warm. "You're not too bad at this." Roger said with a small smile as Cody continued to pound him.
  8. Valentine sits down where he was yesterday and pulls out his pad from his bag and a piece of lead. His eyes wander until he catches a glimpse of a bird fluttering onto a branch. He gives a small smile and starts to sketch the delicate creature.
  9. The sun peeked through the curtains and hit the wizard's face once again. He got out of bed and made his way to the living room. There was a table in the living room with a colourful collection of glass bottles filled with many different liquids. The man poured a few drops into separate vials and stored them safely in his bag. Before heading out the door, he put his back up to the wall and drew a line above his head. As he stepped away and looked, he frowned a little. "I thought I at least grew a little." He pouted and locked up his home. He quickly forgot about his smaller stature and took off for the forest.
  10. Roger was so focused on his own his breath and Cody's movements that he could only nod in approval. His panting was heavy at this point and his head was swirling. "F-fuck me harder," he gasped out.
  11. Warm, golden rays shined through red leaves onto a young face, warming his soft, supple skin. His eyes slowly opened up and a yawn passed through his mouth. "Man, I fell asleep that easily," he said as he searched through his pockets, pulling out a bronze pocket watch. The hand showed 6pm. "Hmm, time to go home I suppose." It already turned to night as he was almost home. He never hurried cause of the fascinating things he saw in the evening. Fireflies were dancing around his head as he came to the door. He brushed them away and stepped inside, locking the door and slipping off his shoes. With a snap of his fingers, the candles in the place came to life and brought a warm light over his home. He gave a boyish grin and sat down at the table, letting down his satchel and looking through it. He grabbed his pipe and filled it with some strange, orange grass and lit it with his finger tips. With a few puffs, the pipe lit and started to smoke, letting out a few rings of rainbow coloured smoke. "Huh, pretty." He put out his pipe out after a while and extinguished all the lights in the house and laid his head on his pillow, falling into a gentle slumber.
  12. Roger giggled and refrained from shaking it anymore. He tried to continue with Cody's movements and keep his head low. His breath started to become heavy slightly heavier and the sweat trickled down his back. He was swept in a whirlpool of pleasure.
  13. Name: Valentine Age: Unknown Hair: Brown Eyes: Green, but can change In a land where magic is real and strange creatures reside, there is a small cabin out in the woods where a wizard devotes himself to his craft. Mainly a potions master, Valentine spends his time wandering through the forest and makes notes of the plants and wildlife. He makes his living selling the info and medicine he conjures. Of course, he keeps a lot of his formulas secret since they could cause a lot of trouble if they came into the wrong hands. He is usually shorter than most people he comes across and seems fragile, but is a strong fighter with a sword and quite powerful with sorcery.
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