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  1. Katsumi sighed softly and kissed the others temple. "You're not a burden...plus. I'm immune to the virus Yui.." he said with a soft smile and ruffled his hair. "I don't mind staying with you today, I could understand...I can always do work from home." He said softly and smiled as he kissed his cheek. "I'm gonna go take a shower though, want to join me?" he asked and smiled going to the sink with a happy grin. He loved this, they were like a real married couple and he thought it was fantastic. - "Awe..." he said softly and rolled onto his stomach. "But its....boring here..." he said softly and looked down. "Kick them out...?I don't want anyone looking at me..." he said softly and leaned into Hayates fingers with a soft blush. "I want them gone or I want to leave Hayate..." he said looking up at the other with sad eyes.
  2. Katsumi smiled and rolled his eyes, "Right right healthy this healthy that." he chuckled and finished up his food. He shook his head, "No I don't need anything..." he said and looked at the other sighing. "Would you like me to stay home with you today...? I don't want you to be uncomfortable at work but if you dont want to stay home alone I understand that also.." he said with a caring smile. "I do want what is best for you after all." he said in a rather caring voice. - Yuki blushed and looked away, "I-if you and I were to be...together...I-In that sense." he said softly looking away with a blush. He shook his head and smiled, "Can we go now..? And never come back..?" he asked his smile falling. "When we...went in there...I could barely move or talk...because he was there..." he said softly looking down at his hands. "Probably...why I didn't like you kissing me...because he was watching and he makes my skin crawl.." He said mentioning the doctor in the tent only ten steps away from their own. "It's not that I don't like you...I-Its that I'm scared...to love and to feel kindness and emotions like that..." he said softly and shook his head standing.
  3. Katsumi chuckled, "Of course I can't make breakfast without your critic" he said with a chuckle and kissed the others cheek. "I know you like your tea...I have to go into work today..." he sighed and leaned his head back on the chair his arms behind his head. "I am not excited at all.." he rubbed his eyes and smiled softly to Yui. "You'll get to stay home today! And then tonight you and I can do something fun if you want." he said and tilted his head smiling. ` Yuki blushed a little and looked away. "W-well I didn't think you meant you liked me like that! I just thought you liked me cause I'm kinda cute and I looked after you!" he pouted. "P-plus...if...we do that that nurse will be pissed.." he said softly and looked away. "wont she...?" he said looking at his bloodied hands and wiping them off. "Can we go away for a little while?" He looked up to Hayate smiling. "Can we leave and go into the city?"
  4. Katsumi smiled, "morning. Breakfast is almost done." he said with a gentle smile and he kissed Yui on the head. He grabbed two plates and spooned food to them both. He smiled a little and handed Yui a plate. "What do you want to drink?" he asked as he leaned in kissing Yui on the lips softly. "Oh i guess youre making something nevermind!" he said with a wink and sat down at the table with his glass of orange juice. "how did you sleep?" Yuki blushed darkly and he scrambled up to his feet. "of course people do it! Because they are in love! You don't love me Hayate you don't even know me." he said and put the needle down cleaning off his hands rather angry he was being toyed with. "I-I don't know what you think we have, but i'll leave if you touch me like that..." he said looking at Hayate. "I-I don't need someone else taking advantage of me, specially someone I trust."
  5. Katsumi yawned and fell asleep. In the morning he woke up and rubbed his eyes. He hadn't wanted to fall asleep but being with Yui during the night had helped him some. He wiggled out of the bed and put some clothes on. He went down to the kitchen searching for his glasses around the living room. When he finally found them he put them on and started heading to the kitchen. He started pulling out ingredients to make food, he didn't know how to make much but he decided on making biscuits and gravy. He sighed and yawned rubbing his eyes, he was still exhausted but he was happy that Yui had gotten some sleep. - Yuki blushed softly and looked away grabbing the thread and needle. He slid it through his teeth threading the needle easily. "I'm angry because you could have gotten hurt! And you shouldn't kiss people...infront of others.." he said softly and embarrassed. He moved and sat next to Hayate moving his fingers up to the wound and cutting away the old stitches and starting on the new ones. He was blushing still and he hated it. He tried to hide his face under his hair but he couldn't. He felt something brush up against his leg, it pushed him forward right when he was finishing the stitches and he landed ontop of Hayate. He blushed even darker, "I-i'm sorry." he said and rolled off him putting the needle away. "Lady! That wasn't very nice!" he yelled after her as she jumped up on the bed with Spring.
  6. ((Its alright, don't worry about it. I too have started school and posts are slow as hell.)) The soft murmur of his name made a small tear fall down his cheek. This was going to be harder than he ever imagined, and he was willing to go through with it even if it meant starting all over again with Francis. The further they traveled through their romance the more Adrian could feel Francis pulling away. All the possibilities and the possible outcomes of this game they were playing bothered him. As he felt the other's breathing slow he pulled him closer and kissed his head. "If you don't want to come with me...just tell me...and I'll disappear for you...all I wasn't is you happy...even if that means its not with me..." Adrian knew he wasn't awake, and that he wouldn't hear him, but it made him feel better if he told him that. That he wasn't going to hate him if he decided to leave him for his own well being. Adrian knew this was hard, hell he was scared too, but he prayed to the gods of every belief out there that he would stay with him.
  7. Katsumi moved slightly looking down at Yui. He smiled as he noticed the younger boy was passed out. He picked him up and sighed gently, "You confess you want me to sleep with you then you fall asleep like this.." he shook his head with a chuckle as he grabbed a towel and carried the smaller male to his own room. He laid the smaller male down in his bed and lightly kissed his head. Since it was his room Katsumi also got into the bed and curled up with the other. He found that being with Yui kept him from feeling like he needed to drink, even if that meant he was asleep. ~ Yuki was whimpering weakly as he held his face. He felt like he shouldn't be here, in this camp, with Hayate, with anyone. And as he watched Hayate stick up for him his heart hurt. Why would someone like him care about someone as dirty as himself? He didn't have the answers, but he grabbed Hayate's hand and pulled him out of that tent like it was on fire. He ran back to their own tent and was greated with a happy bark. He didn't pause he threw Hayate down on the bed and looked angry. "Why did you do that! Look?! Your stitches are ruined!" he said and started digging through the first aid kit for more thread to redo the stitches.
  8. Katsumi looked down at Yui as he listened to him speak. He lightly kissed his shoulder and felt rather, sad. He could understand the pain that Yui was feeling, yet, he also couldn't. He had never had anyone try and force themselves on him, but he did understand how much it upset him that this happened. Yui was his and his alone and he loved the man. He too, wanted to be the first to touch him that way, such an innocent body shouldn't have been soiled by filthy hands. Katsumi moved and lightly tilted his face up his lips slowly moving and connecting with Yui's. "I understand...you don't have to say anymore to persuade me." he said softly against the others lips as his arms pulled him into a hug. ~ Yuki pushed things around limping still from his own injuries. He found some more gauze for his waist and a few anticptic things they would need for Hayate's wound. When he felt the hug and kiss he blushed seven shades of red. "a-ah...yea...okay.." he said weakly and pulled away from the other. He didn't know Hayate liked him that way, specially enough to kiss him infront of everyone. Yuki made his way to the medicine cabinet and grabbed some pills and the medication they would need to stop the infection. Just then, The nurse walked up and slapped him hard, Yuki held his cheek tears forming in his eyes. "I told you to keep your nasty hands off Hayate!" she screamed. She slapped him again, "He doesn't need a nasty," slap, "fagot," slap, "like you," slap, "around him!" she screamed slapping him again and again till he fell to the ground holding his face as it started to bleed. He scrambled behind Hayate and held onto him tight his face hiding in the others back.
  9. Katsumi laughed a little bit when he felt Yui slide into his lap. "Well hello.." he said gently and kissed the other back. At the simple comment about him getting horny Katsumi looked at him confused. "Horny? Really?" he asked and smiled a little laughing. He ran a hand up and caressed Yui's cheek. "I promised myself that I wouldn't touch you till you felt comfortable about it again. I'm sure that after today you're still...scared and uncomfortable with sex, which is fine! So I'll wait for you." he said gently and smiled kissing Yui gently. - Yuki blushed a tad when he felt the hand in his own but followed Hayate anyway. When they got to the medical tent both the doctor and the nurse were there. She gave Yuki a nasty look and walked right up to Hayate hugging him tightly making the two of them let go of their hands. The doctor was looking at Yuki like he was a slice of meat and Yuki hated it. He was scared but Hayate was too far away. He walked to the small shelf and started looking for the medicine he needed as he felt eyes running up and down his body. It made him shiver, and he wanted to curl up into a ball and cry.
  10. "Yes I know..." He said to the fact he wouldn't be able to get to drink often. "I'm aright staying home, plus we are in the bath, which means I don't want to get sweaty..." He smiled a little and kissed Yui back. "How about we...go settle down in bed and maybe watch a movie like you asked? Lay in bed with me till I fall asleep?" He asked gently his fingers lightly caressing the others waist. - Yuki nodded and grabbed his jacket. He put it on, the thing practically swallowed him. He zipped it up and blushed a little. "I still don't look like I'm wearing any pants...Lady will be alright. She's had worse than people hitting her. She's a strong girl." He said and blushed a little and walked to Hayate. "Alright you ready?"
  11. Katsumi shook his head and sighed. He looked away from Yui and he shrugged, "You don't have to remove it. I won't get drunk, but that doesn't mean the two of us cant drink lightly sometimes together. I've already agreed with you that I would stop drinking." he said gently and looked to Yui. "A movie sounds boring...we watching one before we left..." he hugged Yui and sighed. He didn't know really what they were going to do but he figured as long as he was with Yui he would be alright, and he wouldn't want to drink. Even though the itch to drink was bugging him, he still thought he could fight it with Yui sitting with him. The water was warm and it made his bones relax and he sighed closing his eyes. The fact that Yui and himself were in a bath together naked didn't occur to him, he hadn't ever seen Yui naked before this but he kind of saw him partially nude in the magazine photos. ~ Yuki sighed and winced. "Stop crying Hayate. You can come with me...I'm not too excited about going either but you need medicine or it will get infected." he said and looked away. "Come on...with you there neither of them will touch me." he said and smiled a little. "Even though I'll be fine by myself you still insist. So dry your face and get up I'm ready to get it over with and come back as soon as possible." he said patting Lady's head. She had jumped off the bed and trotted to Yuki rubbing against his leg slightly. Her tail was wagging, but she knew that her master was going back to where he had gotten hurt and she wasn't going to be left behind this time.
  12. Katsumi shook his head gently and leaned back letting Yui clean his front. "I don't know. Like I said I really want to drink...I don't want to watch a movie and lounge around." He said and sighed. "But I will if that's what you want me to do. I guess with you it'll work..." He said gently and kissed Yuis cheek. He enjoyed the feeling of the younger mans hands on his chest rubbing over it and cleaning it. - Yuki felt the tug on his wrist and he pushed against Hayate instantly getti scared. When he felt the hug however all the fear washed away and he was left panting from a small panic attack. He looked up at Hayate and sighed. "I have to get you medicine...ill be alright. I'm not as hurt as before and can run if I need too." He said with a gentle smile. He hugged Hayate and moved to stand again. "Plus, the nurse friend of yours is hanging around lately since it's happened, I doubt he will be left alone with me...ill be fast."
  13. Katsumi blushed a little and smirked. He grabbed the shampoo and kissed Yuis shoulder. "Of course, I'll be gentle with you least for the first go." He said with a chuckle. He started washing his hair running his hands through his hair playfully. - Yuki moved and sighed. "I'm sorry I know it hurts.." He said gently and lightly pulled away the new bandage on it. "Just keep it closed. It shouldn't they infected...it happened yesterday it'll still be tender." He said gently and wiped the water from the others eyes. "Just be gentle on it. Maybe the med tent has something?" He asked standing like he was going to go look.
  14. Katsumi shivered a little. He licked his tongue and tilted his head. "I agree. It might be uncomfortable...however...I have to have something fill up my time instead of drinking booze." He winked and shook his head. "I'm teasing, come on I'll clean your back." He said and pecked his lips again. "And wash your hair for you." He winked and smiled a little looking at Yui. - Yuki pouted and he sat the books aside. He turned to Hayate and he moved close to him. He ran his fingers lightly over the bandage. "I need to change it..." He said and gently pulled off the gauze and replaced it. The whole time he hummed to himself like it was nothing special. He just wanted to help. "I know you're not hurting as much but it looks painful.." He said and looked down his fingers securing the gauze.
  15. Katsumi gently hugged Yui around the waist and kissed his shoulder. His hands pushed his hair to the side liking it down even more than up. "I can't see a thing.." he said gently and smiled. "You look even better with your hair down.." he said gently and kissed him back. He ran a hand into his hair and pulled lightly with a smirk, "Its more fun to play with this way.." he said and winked to him with a chuckle. - When Hayate came back Yuki had fallen asleep. When he spoke Yuki sat up rubbing his eyes. The shirt was up slightly showing some of his thighs. "Alice in Wonderland?" he asked and smiled a little. He held out his hands for the books. "let me see what all you were able to find...you really should rest. Your eye isn't going to heal if you move around so much." he said gently and patted the bed next to him moving over some with a giggle.
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