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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. That's good :D What sort of business? :D

    I hope you manage to get a tablet :)

    I've been good :) Part-time - university, assignments and so on :D And yaoi always :p

  2. Yes yes they are sexy...and wow..i know I am like uber late with this reply DX

    I also want to say your avatar makes me so sad...but not that that's bad...it's just when you think back on poor Gaaras past...aw that poor cutie!!!

    Anyways I hope you've been well ^^

  3. So ka...well once again...I must apologize for an uber late reply DX

    oh well...I use it often now mostly just to talk to others rather than post my work...I would feel better if I post work when I get a tablet that way the background and coloring would look so much better, in my opinion...and I guess I've been good...been planning out how to start a small business with my friend :)

    so how have u[you been dear?

  4. wow I have no idea how long it's been till I saw the date of the last conversation we had...but for the longest time when I came to the site there was no way of posting replies..so idk when they fixed that...so again another apology for late like beyond late replies ^^'

  5. I've been a bit busy too :D But unfortunately I don't use da :(

    How you've been?

  6. Again, i'm sorry for hardly ever coming on here..i keep forgetting and the fact that i now spend more time on da (deviant art for those who don't know, since some dk what da stands for[check me out if ya wanna, it's also zemhi there too]) but yeah again sorry ^^'

  7. I know it's been like forever since i been here again i apologize..if anything perhaps if you have a da (deviant art for those who don't know) check me up on there, i am zemhi there too. I think i go on there more than here...if ya wanna chat. Or check out my artwork, but again sorry for hardly ever getting on D;

  8. i would post the pics of my characters from both of my mangas (karakuri overload and the second one is nameless atm) on my deviant art but i am one of those paranoid ppl who feels like if i put up my original characters someone may jack them and use them in their own manga or something, i was actually really hesitant of one of the o.c i put on da that was from my friend and my rp but i did it anyways, but yeah idk why i'm like that. But i have no prob putting up fanart like the ones i will post soon when i can. Since my friend convinced me to draw out characters and she'll sell them at her school, since she's still in highschool, and we laminated them making them into badges and priced them at a dollar and out of the 10 were completed all 10 sold, so that made me happy. And i want to post them up on da since they're like bleach, black butler, fruits basket, etc. Ah, i am doing it again, ranting on and on, huh? :hamtaro-005 (5):

  9. yeah i am going but now the price went up from 55 to 60 bucks at door since we missed pre-reg, but oh well. And yeah i have a manga, but it's more like a work in progress thing, not published but i do have 4 volumes complete and am halfway done with vol. 5 and it's of course a yaoi, though i have an idea for another manga and will try really hard not to make it a yaoi..i think i can do it since i've been going a yr and a half on a non yaoi rp with my friend that is going with me to the convention. It's only cause i drew out this uber cute little boy vampire and at the time i wasn't planning to make him a vampire cause i named him Vladimir but he looked like a vamp so i know cliche name for a vamp but w/e, so i liked him so much i wanted him to have his own manga and i already have the storyline but want to finish my current manga first.

  10. No problem :) We all have problems so it's alright :)

    That is great! I wish I could go too and yes, a Yaoicon would be awesome, a dream for me *__* Yeah, you definitely should, why not? :D You have a manga? :)

  11. Sorry about my reply being so long...i think i have a short attention span or add or something since i kept jumping from subject to subject..and for ranting on and on...so sorry about that. :hamtaro-005 (5):

  12. hey...sorry it took me, what, a whole yr for a reply..just a lot of things happened that and having no internet, it just sucks. Anyways dk when the next time i'll be back so i guess a pre-warning on my late reply or replies..i hope to get my internet back on soon instead of having to go to wifi hot spots. So i have that to look forward to, well that and Anime Matsuri! uber pumped for that! I got two of my friends to go last year for the first time and now they want to go again when i told them it was coming up. Wish they had a yaoicon here though...that'd be so fudgin amazing! Yes i said fudgin..my character in my manga has taken over my life..i make him use food or variations of food instead of cussing. Even though he's a 28 yr old man, i thought it would work for him since he has some what of a child like personality, but he can be serious when he wants to be, especially when it comes to protecting Zemhi, which is where my username comes from

  13. hey, it's been awhile since i have been on. Dk when my next time will be so i'm sorry for like replying what, a year late now? I have been pretty busy and then i had no internet so that sucks! Um i dk what i said last time but apparently i mentioned an rp i was doing, and yeah i'm in college, still DX But i'm syked for the anime convention coming up here in the woodlands. So i'm excited and ready for that...wish it was a Yaoicon instead but i'm sure i'll find some sort of yaoi manga/movie there. Though my friend that is goingwith me said i shuld bring my own manga there to show it off...i dk though, i'm still debating...what do you think, should i? I doubt many ppl would want to read when all that is going on...?!

  14. hey, i know it's been a long time, gomen but if you haven't found the pic of sebby and ciel i remember i got it off weheartit.com. But it's not until i think page 60..?!

  15. It's ok, and congratulations for passing all classes :) Both subjects sound very interesting! And your business ideas seem great!

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