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    • Yukonwolfspirit
      The punch was a shock and left him in pain. Biting his lip Ayme winced refusing to let the fuckers see him in pain as he was handcuffed and his head was covered leaving him in the dark. After what seemed like hours to him Ayme found himself laying on a cold hard floor and once his eyes adjusted he noticed it was nothing more then a dark basement. Laying still as he was pinned down Ayme huffed at the men towering over him. Listening to their words he let out a small laugh amused by the reason for all this trouble.   “Well part one of a pack. Your uncle had two bastards but your hearing must be pretty shitty like your men.” Ayme snapped back as he laid on the floor ignoring how casually the asshole was touching his face. Hearing the way he talked it set Ayme off this man just acting like he was Yukie and well he really hated it because the two where so obviously different outside of looks.“Yeah you see since I’m not Yukie....I’m not really into Harold I mean Yukie is but I’ve tried sex with Harold once and it’s not fun I can’t see why he likes it but I mean there is always an allure to fucking a man of power.” ”And I think that allure is so much stronger if they love each other” Ayme replied before the sting of the mans hand met his face. Looking back Aymes eyes where calm almost terrifying in a sense as he looked at the mafia boss dead in the eyes. “You think you could please me? Ha! Keep me as a pet I dare you because I’ll make you regret it!” Ayme replied with another amused laugh finding the boss man rather careless in not knowing anything about him. Letting his laugh die down for a moment he sighed and looked at the male not breaking eye contact. ”I’ve always thought you could tell a man by a first meeting outside the bedroom how easy it would be to break them mentally. Yukie broke Harold~ Harold broke Yukie they where so nice and great for each other I mean their sex is the good healthy kind where they enjoy company and the daily fuck. Now here’s where I’m different I break my lovers and they break me down sex for us isn’t like my brothers, it’s a whole other ballgame. Let’s say you did keep me as a sex toy because oh your big and powerful and can do that at the moment. The way our romance would go down is we would fuck the first time and it would be great, so great that you wouldn’t want to stop and would keep me around as a sex toy permanently.” “One of us would eventually crumble as one does living like that and if I was a betting man it wouldn’t be me submitting so easily to the desires of sex. You’ll crumble just like everyone else I’ve fucked over the years. You’ll desire to be by my side and start to spend every second of your night and day wishing  it was your body pressed up against mine. Every moment you get frustrated or pissed you’ll be wanting my body to relieve stress. You’ll spend days in your bed with only my moaning echoing across the room pulling you in deeper and deeper.” ”You’ll drive yourself mad trying to take other lovers when you can’t take me with you and you need that release you’ve been getting for the last month.  In the end you’ll desperately keep trying to fill that hole deep down inside. You will realize the longer I’m by your side that you get closer to being murderous if others even look at me and it will make you jealous enough to kill your own men. No matter how hard you try after fucking me  and trying others it will never be the same experience. You will never satisfied deep down and will desire and crave that pleasure again~” Ayme whispered with a laugh as he looked at the man his eyes growing colder by the moment. “You fuck me even once and I’ll ruin you. I’ll drag you down so quickly that you’ll be licking the bottom of my shoes just to feel the high you get from sex.” Ayme whispered knowing all to well if he wanted he could easily break this man down just by giving in to some of his fantasies or turning his men against him enough to let their guard down so he could kill. Knowing he could fuck longer and take harsher and more cruel punishments he would be a force to be reckoned with. Even if he had no power he knew he could bring some of these men to their knees if he tried.   “Knowing this I’ll let you decide but keep in mind from this point on I’ve decided I don’t like you. So any move going forward with me staying here will only open yourself to the hell that follows by my hand. The only one who is spared my wrath is those I’ve allowed by my side any who fuck with them or try to fuck with me regret it” Ayme added before smirking as he let his eyes slide over to the boss mans men as if trying to plan which one to break first. Ayme when pushed could fight back just as vicious as Derrick or Leroy.  And while he rarely showed any sort of anger or violence unless needed it didn’t mean he couldn’t fuck shit up when pissed.   Ayme knowing his lovers knew all he had to do was play the long game and take every shot he could get at either killing them or breaking them down, he could use what he had to fuck shit up and staring the boss man back in the face he had decided this fucker needed taken down a few notches.   (hopefully this isn’t to out of character for Ayme and he doesn’t seem to betraying to his lovers. I kept changing it up until it felt like how he might act.)
    • Sathenus
      Asahi's ears turned hearing Ash speak saying he wasn't find of water. Asahi was already knee deep, the water not too far from reaching the fur on his stomach. Glancing around he looked to see if there was sleeting he could do when his eyes found a dead tree that was already tilted towards the river. "Come help me." Asahi said to Ash darting out of the water and over to the dead tree. Standing on his hind legs he put his front paws on the tree pushing against it. He could feel it give a little under his weight and knew with Ash they should be able to knock it down completely. Then the other could use it as a bridge while he had fun going through the water.   "That's a lovely thought." Bryan purred with a dirty smirk even if Otso may have meant it innocently. "Maybe I'd get lucky and my husband would be waiting for me in a special way." He said softly leaning down to catch his lips in a loving kiss. "We're going to have a great time here. Plenty to do and tons to see." Bryan said happily. For awhile they enjoyed the bath before Bryan decided they need to get out and get some food. Not sure about his husband but knowing he was absolutely starving.
    • virtualoo
      Ash kept following him, able to keep up as he watched the others form darting through the woods. It was this beautiful white and he probably looked even more gorgeous in the moonlight. He was about ready to pounce on him when he stopped, noticing the river. He still was a bit adverse to water and inched towards it, looking into the water. "Not too fond of water.." He said quietly, knowing it was not a likely jump to leap over its entirety which would mean he would have to walk right through it...batting the water with a paw. He knew the other wanted to go across and was not sure if there would be a better place. Just go...just go...you'll be fine just go..   Otso let out a quiet hum in agreement at this being a perfect way to top off all the travelling they had done. "Oh? Now that will be kind of fun...Having your hubby waiting for you after a long day of work" He pecked the others cheek, putting his tail away so it wouldnt splash too much from wagging happily
    • Sathenus
      There was definitely and observant gaze on his gorgeous husband as Otso was undressing. Feeling like the other was taking his time just to tease him and if he wasn't then it definitely didn't take much to tease him. Once Otso joined him he wrapped his arm around the smaller body kissing the top of his head. "This is the perfect way to relax after a day of traveling." Bryan sighed happily. "Maybe I could convince you to join me on business trips sometime?" He curiously asked the other.   Asahi loved running through the trees together. It was the first time he got to see Ash as a panther and he loved it. The other man looked so majestic and stunning. Even with them playfully chasing each other around he could admire the strength he could see. It was a lot of fun, more fun than he had I a long time though their first date had also been a lot of fun. Not to mention he already knew there'd be a third since Ash said he wanted to go to the zoo for their next date. Slowing down as they reached a river he huffed looking over the moving water before turning his gaze to Ash. Asahi had experience with the river but not what lied beyond it. That was where he wanted to explore with Ash but he wasn't sure if he'd be able to get him across the river. Turning back to the river he thought they could try to find a better place to cross. 
    • virtualoo
      Otsos ears perked up at the mention of the bath being ready. "Cooooming~!" Otso called out, eager to join the other in the tub. He loved it even more seeing the other already in there and waiting for him surrounded by bubbles. "Perfect" He said with a small smile, taking his time even if he was eager to jump in there so quick. He hummed in delight when he finally slipped into the warm water, leaning against the other.   Ash looked at the others wolf form, loving the striking blue eyes of the other that somehow looked even more lovely now. He watched the other dart off, quickly turning into his black panther form to dart after him. He loved the playful nature of them chasing each other, going after him with a bit more ease now that he was a bit more familiar with the woods.
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