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    • happywarning
      the links have been dead for some time, but no one seems to have re-uploaded it. so if there is anyone that can help out, it would be great   the links are  
      Title: Life Senjou no Bokura Other names: Life Happiness Depends On Ourselves; Life on the Line; Life~Love On The Line; Life is What We Make of it Country: Japan Genres: LGBT, Romance, School, Youth Date aired: Jun 19, 2020 - Jul 10, 2020 Description:  One day after school, the serious Ito and the child-like Nishi meet by chance, as each endeavors to remain walking on the sidewalk`s white line. As time goes by, Ito recognizes he is drawn to Nishi in a way that is new to him. Nishi , for his part, is frustrated that they only get to meet on the sidewalk. Ito decides to act upon his feelings and kisses a surprised Nishi, who agrees they need to walk side by side for a change. The sparks between them are undeniable as their relationship blossoms in high school, survives the college years, and matures into adulthood. A deeply moving work that bears witness to loving partners , whose unchanging feelings must co-exist within a world of changing realities. Download LIfe Senjou no Bokura   For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff  
    • Yukonwolfspirit
      Nodding softly Yukie kissed Ginto before tackling him to the bed his hands roaming all over Gintos body. “Let’s hope you don’t have any plans for the next two weeks then~” Yukie groaned his cock already springing back and proving just how horny he was in heat. Pulling his mate closer Yukie reached down and coated his cock with his cum gently rubbing it in before with one push shoved himself into Ginto not waiting. Groaning happily Yukie moved his hips thrusting and grinding against his mates delicate ass as his mouth licked and nipped all over his body being careful not to bite Ginto.
    • Yukonwolfspirit
      Watching as they left letting Ayme sigh as the door shut behind them. Taking a shaky breath Ayme stayed still the burning of his ass starting to drive him mad. “Fucking hell.” Ayme groaned his nipples and cock aching from the added weight. Closing his eyes Ayme calmed his breathing a touch before trying to figure out his next move. While normally he could seduce a man out of some situations it was clear that wasn’t an option.   He couldn’t escape due to the restraints and the fact he really didn’t want to get shot. He knew at most he could last three days before fully breaking down psychically he knew at least his body could hold out since it was in a healthier state then it had been. But, with the added sex driving his energy levels lower he would have to be careful to not do anything extra or he could get to a point where injuries would heal slower. Shivering at the cold air Ayme opened his eyes back to the darkness and bit his lip in pain the weights adding to his already existing pain due the simple movement. Ayme looked at the floor his mind already getting tiered and worn out, it was a lot to deal with from being ripped out of a place of safety to being fucked and hurt by so many men....and then being left alone in the dark basement in pain.    Standing in the dark Ayme felt rather terrified as he took a few calming breaths trying to ignore the burning ginseng buttplug as it burned and caused nothing but pain.
    • hal7283
      Soon Eiichi recovered and was evicted from the hospital, but afterwards so much happened. Between their attempt to get back into the game and the chaos created by the supposed hostile take over of their record company, Touma, Akira and Tsubasa found themselves occupied and exhausted and couldn’t get back in touch with Eiichi, not with a lack of trying on their part. Even they could squeeze time and try to contact the model their calls and messages were left unanswered. The days flied by within a blink of an eye, and the seconds crawled on like one eternity at a time, and before they knew it three months has passed without them even laying their eyes on the model other than seeing him on magazines, on TV, and of course all the online media reporting his collaboration with “Fascination”.     Eventually the chance came for them to get close to Eiichi as they were going on the same program.With nervous anticipation the three showed up but the model was still nowhere to be found, especially with Fascination’s security detail blocking their way the three of them simply couldn’t find any way to get close to the model. After watching Eiichi’s performance with Fascination the three idols were quite shaken from the song. They knew the words were not from Fascination but from Eiichi himself. He was heartbroken by the three of them. Soon it was near their time to go on stage and the three idols looked at each other with determination in their eyes. Even though they couldn’t meet Eiichi in person at least the model would be able to see, if not hear their performance, and they intended to make it the most monumental performance of their professional life, .   “You guys sure about this?” Akira asked.   “Yes I’m sure.” Tsubasa said.   “Most positive.” Touma added.   They reached out their hands and laid them on top of each other. Looking into each others eyes they could see the determination in each other.   “Alright boys let’s do this!” Akira said: “Star Struuuuuuuuck!”   “G O !”   Welcomed with thunderous applause and cheers the three boys ran on stage and greeted the crowd. The fans have been starving for the band due to their hiatus and all of them were eager to hear the steamy love song that topped all charts from months ago. But as the singing began they soon realized Star Struck was not performing Color Pallet.   The dancing snows are like dusts of stars   Towards the sky I reach my hand   I could always feel the crossing wishes   As all are now within this monochrome     The audience were dumbfounded as the three sang and perfomed. It wasn’t anything they’ve ever expected from the boy band. The song had a feeling of melancholic sadness but also strength, it was filled with longing for something lost but also hope for the future. Soon the song came to its finale.     Even though the trails we take may never cross paths again   Amidst that shining Galaxy perhaps our light will connect   The falling stars are like sands, falling gently on my chest once more   That silent shadow of our dreams shall ever sleep   As all are still within this monochrome           The crowd remained silent after the performance ended, and as Akira took a glance over the quiet audiences he said: “Years ago, the three of us met in our high school and were bounded together by our common love for music. With luck and a lot of help from the people around us we were able to get this far. The staff, our producer, the company, and or course each and every one of our fans. You’ve made us who we are. You’ve put us on this stage. We wouldn’t be here without you.”     “But throughout the years we’ve strayed away from who we were, from why we started Star Struck in the first place. We were lost, without direction.” Touma carried on speaking after Akira and said: “We tried to find inspiration in indulgence and depravity but... nothing worked, that’s until we were able to find our inspiration again. Our wisdom if you will.”     “But in our arrogance we lost it again. We thought we could carry on carelessly like before and that ended up hurting those who cared for us. Before we could even make amends certain... events occurred.” Tsubasa continued the speech after Touma and said: “We were pushed to the limit both physically and mentally but in the middle of this chaos, we’ve also made an realization, that we are no longer the stars that we wanted to become. That we, Star Struck, and failed to grasp that spark.”   “Therefore it is with great regret that I announce that as of this moment, Star Struck shall terminate our contract with our current agency and cease all activities. We’re sorry for all the trouble and confusion that this announcement may cause but... this is our way to take responsibility for what we’ve done, and an opportunity for us to find ourselves once again. Thank you, and good bye.”   Having made their point known the three quickly disappeared to the backstage leaving the whole studio, as well as tens of thousands of audiences watching live at home utterly dumbfounded. The quiet only lasted for a moment however as pandemonium quickly followed with cries of despair and roars of anger and frustration and confusion.        
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