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  1. Kogane
    seeing there are no discussions on this page, lets start by introducing ourselves
    hi i'm Kogane and i always pick things at random. and i have been a yaoi lover for a good 10 yrs now. every tv show, series or anime i watch leads to a yaoi paring i love but i think that is one thing that is common for all yaoi lovers.
  2. Miki98
    Hi! I'm a new member!
  3. Aphrody

    I'm a new member.
  4. Jany Ryuichi
    Jany Ryuichi
    Hey :3!

    I'm Jany and I'm glad to be here. Sometimes seme and sometimes uke - that's me in real life, hehe.

    Any questions? So don't be shy and ask me!

    Greets Jany.
  5. walkercrossing
    Heyy Im new feel free to chat with me anytime! my kik is N8dog1999 if you want to rp there
  6. pewdiecry
    i'm a new member
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