Block B

  1. BlxxdyButterfly

    1. Who is your favorite Member?
    Each of the members profiles are here

    2. Who do you ship together?

    3. What Block B (or one of the members) song is your current favorite?

    They all look tough but when they are on camera, they turn into fun little monsters!!
  2. BlxxdyButterfly
    A little skinship between the members~~~

  3. BlxxdyButterfly
    1. My favorite Member is Zico, hands down. He acts and looks tough but is so gooey on the inside. He actually commented that for his song You are me, I am you that he had to play with colors, the lighting, and camera angles to make his facial expressions softer and more like a love song.

    2. I never really thought of who I would ship together but it would have to be Zico and Park Kyung. In the SNL skit, they freaking kissed and if you watch the BTS footage, you can see they had some pretty intimate moments >x<

    3. As the band Block B, Nillili Mambo wil always be my favorite but Zico released a song called Bermuda Triangle with Dean and Crush.
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