Anything about Baba

  1. hama71
    Other "Miss Boys"...
  2. yojichan
    you are the best, hama-san!
    thank you so much for the update.
    Baba-chan looks so serious here and i like the fact that he's not a starring role yet he plays an important part. there's a different appeal to this which is quite refreshing. wow!
  3. hama71
    Well... Baba-kun might not be the starring role but his name is in third that mean he do play major role here... I think... ^^;;;
  4. Sloan
    WOW isnt he a busy guy??? It doesn't seem like he has a big role in it as he only appeared once in the trailer- not counting the ending when he was mentioned in third place. Ok Ok, So far we got to watch these:
    1. Local Boys
    2. Miss Boys
    3. Crazy-ism
    4. アサシン An Assassin
    5. Tokyo Ghost Trip
    6.都市霊伝説 幽子 Urban Legend: Spirit Child

    夕の江の街に - Mind translate this.
  5. Sloan
    Hey you guys, I wanna do a mini-project. I have so many Baba-chan pictures, it is overwhelming- but I would like to set up like different series of pictures. For example. One series with Baba with scarf. One with Hoods over his head. Stuff like that. I just need some theme ideas! So come at me, bruh!
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