Have You Read The Koisuru Boukun Doujinshi?

  1. Kasuku
    Well, I tell ya guys..theres a doujinshi..Moringa and Sepai were like half animals..
    Moringa was a Kuma..he had cute ears..and Senpai was..I forgot what he was but still so cute! XD
    Hope You guys can read it! XD
  2. Nena21
    Yes, I have read it! It is great! One Day in The forest! It is available in the Koisuru Boukun Fanclub and also there are updates and all the new chapters can be found there as well
  3. iheartmusic1607
    not yet...:
    btw, where can i read the Koisuru Boukun manga???thanks heaps...
  4. KoreWaWatashiDesuXI
  5. Lavi
    This was a very cute doujin! xD
    @iheartmusic1607 Thank you~~~~~ I was trying so hard to find where I can re-read it again >_< Thank you!!!
  6. oheliot
    I actually read the first chapter of KB awhile ago and didn't like it. I recently found this doujinshi and forgot that I had read it, re-downloaded it and fell in love! :'D I'm so glad you guys are sharing it here because maybe it will help someone discover or rediscover how great this series is ^__^
  7. begui142
    i did read it was intereting and cute, but still the manga its better, i hope if the mangaka decide to do another doujin base on them i hope dont have anything like half animal and more of when the friends and the family are reunited cuz, those moment are very hilarious.
  8. yourstalker
    yes..O.O souichi was preggy and moriginaga (yeah i know i spelt the names wrong) had a mullet (the hairstyle from the cariest decade ever):hamtaro-005 (15):.........and thats why you never read doujins unless you want a 45% chance of bieng scared for life..if never read any good ones D: could someone help with a link
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