Opinion on Koisuru Boukun Vol 7 Ch 4

  1. Morinaga's Girl
    Morinaga's Girl
    What's your opinion on the last chapter of KB? What do you think about Morinaga's actions?

    I personally think Morigana did the right thing... Now I'm not trying to suggest that he should lie Senpai or hide certain things from him, but if I were Morinaga I would have done the same due to Senpai's violent reactions...
  2. Macys
    I don't know what to say, but I'm reather disappointed in Morinaga. I mean, he shouldn't lie his lover. He should have remembered how he felt when he thought Senpai was dating Isogai in vol 3 if I remember well...
  3. Morinaga's Girl
    Morinaga's Girl
    But Senpai doesn't have any right to ask Morinaga not to meet Masaki as long as he doesn't admit he is in love with Mori. If he would, then they would be lovers and he could ask him that. And in that case I'm sure Morinaga wouldn't have gone to see Masaki...
  4. Rei
    I don't think Morinaga wouldn't have gone to see Masaki if he and senpai were lovers cause in fact they are already kind of lovers... and he knew Senpai didn't want him to meet Masaki, but he still went to see him...
  5. Macys
    Yes, I agree with you Reita. I consider senpai and Mori lovers as well. And I just can't agree with Morinaga's actions... he should have told senpai about his meeting with Masaki and in the first place he shouldn't have gone at all.
  6. Morinaga's Girl
    Morinaga's Girl
    If they are lovers then Souichi should tell Mori about his feelings and only then he would have a certain right to prohibit Morinaga from doing certain things...
  7. Macys
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