Introduction's and Welcome's

  1. Nicholi
    Greetings Everyone,

    I am known as Nicholi. I have been doing artwork ever since I was five years old. Now being in my late twenties. I have moved on to digital artwork. A few of you may have seen some of my work floating around the site. So I decided to make a group that allows other artists (not just myself) for their artwork to be showcased in one group. I hope to make more friends, and to also help people whom are wanting requests done as well.

    Nicholi (The Dark Uke) ~
  2. Tetsu
    umm hello... I got invited into this group. I don't really draw.. well, I sorta, but never got into it pretty much. I work on graphic designing... so yeah... nice to meet you all and thanks for inviting me.

  3. Nicholi
    lol, This group isn't just for art designers. Its also for people who enjoy looking at art. And your welcome!
  4. Envy
    So, thanks for the invite! ^_^
  5. Never
    Hey there...

    I've also drawn since I was a child, but the traditional style.
    Nowadays, I'm on my way in learning the digital/graphic style(Even though there's still a long way to go....^^ยด).
    Thanks for the invitation by the way.

  6. |WW|
    Hey there! :] Thanks for the invitation. I like to draw all sorts of things,
    though I'm more a hand sketch sort of person. I'm not very good with digital coloring or anything.
    Honestly I just haven't tried it out much. I'll be sure to post some things,
    though it's been a while since I've actually had time to sit down and sketch something out.
  7. Darkmystdrake
    Hi guys, I hope you don't mind that I joined^^
    I love to draw and stuff as well, and if would be appreciated I'm happy to upload some stuff^^
    ((I'm also getting used to the website at the moment, so I'm really sorry if I make a dumb mistake..))
  8. Nicholi
    lol, your quite alright, Darkmystdrake. This group is meant for anyone who likes to look at art or even likes to make their own art. You can upload your pictures at any time you want. Welcome to the group!
  9. hentai-heicho
    Hi! I draw a bit, occasionally, but as it's usually bl I don't really share it. I'm happy to have found a place that I can, even though I'll probably be awhile between posts. I look forward to see everyone's awesome art
  10. yuuki00
    hello everyone i liked to draw and that's one of my hobby,call me yuu and of course my genres of drawing are shounen ai and yaoi
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