Masa-sensei's classroom

  1. Masashi
    Welcome to my class ^^
  2. LewietheLeprechaun
    Masashi-sensei! *bows* Please take care of me! :hamtaro-005 (19):
  3. oki rimochi
    oki rimochi
    Sensei Masashi ~

  4. Masashi
    Hopefully you will like my class, you can talk about everything you want here ;D
  5. Little Dream
    Little Dream
    Hai Sensei~
  6. Masashi
    It's kinda quiet here, what do you guys wanna talk about? ^^
  7. LewietheLeprechaun
    *waves hand enthusiastically* If bars aren’t allowed to serve drunk people, then why is McDonald’s still allowed to serve fat people? Do chickens have knees? Do any birds for that matter have knees?
  8. Masashi
    That I don't really know, but I think they serve them because they bring money and are more likely to come back and bring even more money, but there are people that are fat that don't go to McDonald's (:
    Birds do have knees ^^
  9. meli2cm
    Hi, Masa sensei! I'm still new here... So please take care of me *bow deeply*
    Btw, do you have any recommendation for any good BL anime or movie? Thank you
  10. jorgewilliams
    Hi ^_^ Masa sensei! I'm still new here, please take care of me
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