if you get a chance to do a hardcore thing...how far you may go?

  1. yaoi_hoshi
    until FOREVER!!! XD
    don't care if my partner beg me to stop, don't care if my partner pass out, I will always do it forever!
    especially when we play S&M, it must take a LONG..... until FOREVER!!! *smirk*
  2. yuchan
    Eroo. Hmm if I were a guy.. I would do my uke until he begs for more like his life depended on it. Of course I would hurt him so bad he would be on a verge of death (I am a hardcore sadist when it comes to yaoi.... proud exclamation!). So exactly how far I would go? Until he is beat up, bleeding, begging for more with his body even though he might pass out at any second. And I'd do that foreveeeeeeeer.:hamtaro-005 (4):
  3. didz015
    I'm an S,,, >.<,,,, muwahahahahahaha!!!!

    if this ever happens, my lover's imagination would not even reach what would i be doing,,, LOOOOOOOL
  4. yaoiluv0987
    If i were a guy i would lock my uke up in chains and whip him till he pleads for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hamtaro-005 (6):
  5. chichiro
    l will lock my uke and fuck him until everyone notice that we both are together! Muahahahah!!! rabbit1
  6. Dayu
    I am seke. I will go all the way. I am pervert and I love pain and it doesnt matter how hard you'll fuck me. and i'll do the same to you. Hail hardcore. whahaha.
  7. Drag
  8. Plagiarus
    Hmm. Well I would want it to go on as long as possible. And I love S&M play - in my mind, it would be an opportunity worth taking advantage of.
  9. Asakura-Sama
    well if it where me I will surely do it until he passed out and couldn't stand up, I'll tie him up, then i'll make him feel pain at first making him cry until he find pleasure in pain and he is the one that's going to beg for it yeah! heheeh!!

    and i really love making wild one's down to their knees
  10. Fay
    well, i could be the one being violated tho ._. I'll leave it to your imaginations
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