if you get a chance to do a hardcore thing...how far you may go?

  1. zaidax
    i cant reach the climax:hamtaro-005 (5):
  2. Ciufulici
    as far as i could, might be the only chance that i have in my life
  3. MatsurikaUzumaki
    Now thats erotic!! I would go as far as I CAN GO!!! Until my body wears out not even the rising sun will stop me!! Until i collapase!! haha
  4. kisafujo
    uke fetish i love S&M play and i dont know when to stop if i have that chance I WISH i have chance to rape uke like takaba
  5. taurusgirl
    till..forever rabbit16 well,i love hardcore!
  6. KYOKO
    If i were a guy.. i do my uke till he pass out
  7. ghordge
    we can do it forever!!! KYAAAA~~~~~ (I think im an M) *ponders* I'll even beg my master to just do me until .... forever!!!!
  8. ambra
    id go so far that flash backs of that moment would make me
    qiver and cum, any time and any where i happen recap that night
  9. Pweedie
    I think I will go all the way until I pass out
  10. 707
    Hmmmm....Last time we did an S&M we ended up being absent for 2 days,

    it would actually be interesting to see what would happen the next time...:hamtaro-005 (5):
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