What sort of torture do you enjoy?

  1. <3Gaara
    I don't really have a specific torture I enjoy, I just like the pain.
  2. yourstalker
    EMOTIONAL FTW!!! XD i....dont.....know
  3. Niku1357
    Every type of torture. <3 Mmm.
  4. Dogcatfish
    I really like cutting and beating, bondage is a fantastic turn on. Humiliation as well.
  5. katsunek9
    :Red_fox7: I love being restrained (bondage, lol), being teased till it hurts so bad, but yet so good, and Being told what I can and cannot do, but on that I'm a little rebellious just so I can be PUnIShEd! Yay! Lol :msn_red_fox 2
  6. reika101
    Never tried it, but i would most likely like the bondage!
  7. KiraMidnight
    Well,I enjoy being whiped hard,being tied up tightly,someone finding the ways to make me struggle,and I love being punished in any way.I enjoy the pain of things,I really am pretty bad though because I do bad things to annoy the one that "Owns" me,just so I will get punished:hamtaro-005 (15): ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
  8. Shi.No.Tobiko
    Realistically, I like Knife play, Blood play, Needles (I'll tell you why), whippings, beatings, being kicked, having my skull cracked against the floor... I love that... Makes everything feel fuzzy but you cant do it often or else brain damage.

    Once I was in a relationship with someone who on the first day we ever did anything (At the time I was under the impression they didnt want to even be with me) they took out a scalpel and sliced my back up. Then when I begged them to stop because I didn't want infection to occur. She dumped a whole bottle of hand sanitizer on my back... Stung... So... Bad...

    And needles, I am terrified of needles but it's the adrenaline from the fear that turns me on. Fear is a huge turn on if I fear it I am going to have one of those God I Hate You Turn Ons. Hospitals do that to me too... I nearly faint every time I am in one...

    Now Role Play... Oh anything goes from cutting, to dismembering, (I love amputee stuff) to kill my character and then bring him back to life and watch as his body struggles to heal creating more pain. I will do aaaaaaaaanything painful in an rp...
  9. dog.lover09
    For me i just have to be tie down. i will run away if you don't. i need a man that know how to hold on to me.
  10. Plagiarus
    I've never actually been in such situations. However, I think bondage and knife play and really just any torture - is REALLY HOT!
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