Ukes!~Who do you like? :D

  1. kyle13
    Well I really like Love Stage and Izume is just the cutest Uke ever!
    I like innocent, but I also like the S and M one's most S
  2. kiiamee
    loooooove the uke from otokogokoro/tokimekigokoro (and all the other books jun is in because it's an entire series xD) !!!! super adorable innocent ukes eeee (*≧∀≦*) //but if we're talking about couples that aren't canon then eren takes the cake lol. fabulous eyes and fluffy hair, broo.
  3. beni-hime
    Yaoi is my lifeblood. It's the most amazing thing I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. I love all Yaoi~~!
    Also my favorite type of uke is the masochistic type. I just love the really submissive, super cute ukes! Makes me wanna shower them with affection. Though sometimes I love the sadistic types. Some of them are scary though. Scary as hell.
    Eren is an example of a beautiful uke. His eyes are just omg. Not to mention Hinata. lovely lil ball of sunshine he is.
  4. littlespiral
    I'm currently obsessed with this whole omegaverse genre of yaoi. in case you have not heard of it, it was adapted from the western genre/idea of alpha/beta/omega fendom.
    i love ukes with omega quality- they carry sex pheromone, goes into heat cycle, and having the possibility of getting pregnant (mpreg!!)
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