Ukes!~Who do you like? :D

  1. blackrose713
    1. hnnnnn my favorite uke has to be . . . Sono-san from Sensitive Pornograph ^ ^ he's so shy, sensitive and cute . . . and sexy
    2. i like the poor helpless trap ukes that basically have a giant neon sign saying 'rape me'
  2. taurusgirl
    1. My Fav is Chiaki Yoshino (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)! ok,he's so adorably cute,plus he love Yoshiyuki Hatori very much,they didnt argue much,its just pure-love like that,and i really3333 love these couple! gah,sometimes if they were real,i like to pinch their cheeks so much,they're perfect!
    2. :hamtaro-005 (5): its embrassing to tell though,i really love uke who enjoy pain rabbit8
  3. DemonKittenz
    Ahhhh!! I can't choose between all the ukes, they're just soo adorable!!
    I love Ritsu from sekaiitchi hatsukoi the best! Well, from all the Tsundere ukes, i think he's the best. Gosh, he's so dishonest with himself although it's so obvious Takano's the best one from him. Then there's Souichi from Koisuru boukun. Gah, he's just too cute, although that tsundereness of his can really go overboard :hamtaro-005 (8)::hamtaro-005 (8)::hamtaro-005 (8): i just love those tsundere ukes!!
    But, what about the sadistic ukes? What are some examples of them? Can a uke really be sadistic?
  4. Esteron
    1.) I liked SasukeXNeji a lot when I was a big Naruto fan. But today I like a lot of couples...
    2.) The innocent ukes are the cutest ones. :3 Innocent, but dirty. :3 Hehe...
    And I prefer the uke who is older than the seme and who is still soooo cute. :3~
  5. AyamiKaori
    I absolutely love innocent neko ukes. Especially if that innocent neko uke is Naruto! But my view changes with each anime. Especially with crossovers! But mostly innocent, like Harry(Potter)uke!xAlucard Allen!ukexCross(Marian). As you can tell i love shonen-ai also, which all adds to the 'innocent' playing part.
  6. Musica
    i really like souichi (koisuru boukun)..when i first saw them in "Challengers" it never occurred to me that he will be the uke..and now, he is just too adorable. . . i idolize uke's who owns their seme... their the best!.. :62:

    but i have to agree with AyamiKaori,,my views also depends on the anime/manga/story itself....and every uke has his own merit...
    One thing's for sure..a Seme always finds his Uke very irresistible... *laughs*
  7. valsama
    my favourite uke is ayase from okane ga nai...::
  8. iloveweapons
    now i have to think. i've roleplayed so much i don't even know who i like as a uke the best. XD i have to much OC's but i think i love nagaito the most as an uke because i love how i make him react to stuff. its funny for me and hes just plain kawaii. i actually like the innocent types but then sometimes it pisses me off so i mostly like the ritsu ( sekai-ichi ) type uke's
  9. nicer22
    for now my fave uke is shiro n noririn from love pistols n akihito from viewfinder.. naruto, absolutely..
  10. Ane-sama
    I have seen so many ukes and semes, and I love all kinds. Though, to be honest, I find it adorable when there is this uke that has a sassy attitude, but then when it comes to love they are just so timid and inexperienced! So, sooo adorable!!!
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