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    Created to love~ (Closed 18+)

    “I can’t I’m sworn to secrecy.” Yukie teased as he sighed absolutely nervous. “It’s nothing to crazy though just a fun outing for us” Yukie replied as he finished dressing fully before checking his phone glad to hear things where running smoothly. ”we are here, Tiernan keep the blindfold on.” Yue asked as Yukie opened the door and carefully helped Tiernan out of the car the cool night air soft yet heavily scented with roses. “I’m going to take you to where you can take off your blindfold you’ll have one of your men helping you. You can get dressed once in there” Yukie replied with a blush as he lead Tiernan into his dressing room before leaving to his own to finish getting dressed up. Inside the dressing room was an arrange of colognes and care products including an exact replica of the suit Tiernan had picked out for quick wedding. —-(Redwood and Rownan)—- “we already have flower girls and a ring bear.” Rownan replied as he mentioned to the cutely dressed up twins and stood in traditional fancy attire for centaurs alongside his mate. “Your the best man. Your in charge of getting Tiernan looking his best and prepared.” Redwood added as he finished packing up the kids including Vlad and fin. “It would be a shame if he didn’t get dressed and prepped for the wedding.” Redwood finished before getting in the car changing into a simple human form as he was followed by his mate.
  4. Fmkitty

    Writing Challenge - stories

    Writing challenge - Accepted and completed! This month's(October's) theme: Rain 3 given words: Feather, highlight, clue Word count: 1056 Title: Blessed by the Rain
  5. mik3la

    🐉~SKY-LAND~ (mik3la x M-jow)

    His smile dissapeared when a shadow float above them, changing the peace of the place as soon as they landed. Turning to face them he tried to keep himself out of the dispute but he noticed how it was affecting Chase. Guess this guys are old troublemakers, he thought moving his eyes from the guys and back to Chase as they where arguing. Leo frowned and took a step when they called him 'pet' but was stopped by Chase. Clentching his teeth and trying to keep calm he stood his grounds as the other suggested but he wasn't sure for how long he was going to behave. Maybe he was acting like a pet but he didn't cared. Who where those guys to talk like this to him? The disrespect was high level, making him wonder why were they still alive. Seeing how they where managing to anger Chase on purpose Leo thought that this was going to escalate badly. And he was right. In a sec Chase launched himself towards them but Leo caught him, standing in front of him, holding him by the shoulders. "Don't ... this is what they want. Breath. Let them do the first move in a fight" he whispered back at him as he took a deep breath and turned around to face them. "Seeing you guys talk about the loud noises you heard from the castle would seem like you are jelouse. What? Did i hit a nerve? To up tight your asses to get a good fuck and you came here take it on us? What a bunch of frustrated dragons" he chuckled with irony and mocking them, knowing to well how these types of guys where normaly acting. Leo was instructed that always in a fight, never give the first blow. Especially with underlings like these guys. They might turn against you, making you look the bad guys. If they would start the fight first and throw the first punch, then it will only be self defense and they can be then judged as traitors and atempt to hurt their prince. Leo was too calculated when it came to battles. Yes, he had his moments of 'fuck the rules' but he was trying to not get Chase into trouble because of him. Because apparently, he was the subject in this matter. "If you have something to say then say to my face directly. I'm right here and listening" he added crossing his arms around his chest waiting, keeping his fierced gaze on all of them, checking their every move. Their breath, their eyes, their gestures. Wasn't they expecting him to step up for Chase? Well that was a bold move since they called him a pet, then he was acting like one. Didn't they expect that much? These guys were really that stupid? Guess so. "What? Cat got your spicy tongue?" he asked leaving out a growl, clentching his teeth. His dragon was sllowly wanted to get out but it wasn't the time yet. @M-jow
  6. oriolidaee

    Hoshigari na Rinjin - Makoto [JP]

    Thank you for sharing, paullsia! The art style looks neat.
  7. mokhwa_ly

    Pink no Omocha by WATANABE Asia [ENG]

    Pink no Omocha Ch 1
  8. mokhwa_ly

    Tsuki to Yabanjin [Eng]

    Tsuki to yabanjin vol 1 i couldn't find the extra though
  9. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

  10. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @Nisrina ramadhani, @LilyBeilschmidt, @Paperclip, @OTUKA1
  11. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @SunFawn, @Shinjumiru, @Meme97, @MlleAudrey, @Jimingotjams, @DarkDevilSenpai, @Fabricated World, @chibikrunk, @Hninlyp
  12. crystald

    I Wish You A Wonderful Day!

    . . @Bongi, @Anna Subarjo, @Jay32Taki, @Mizukis, @Leonardo70, @linyuki, @lizee_anime, @gcobm16510, @Ritsueriki, @Lulu2000, @devivi
  13. mokhwa_ly

    Henai by Harada [Eng]

    i hope it's okay to reupload but i found working links to the sequel of Henai(strange Love): Henai Maotoko-hen Henai Maotoko-hen extra
  14. mokhwa_ly

    Tsumasaki Kara Aisarete 🔸 MATSUMOTO Noda [Eng]

    found chapter 1 , hope all the other chapters gets finished T^T
  15. Wakanon

    New here( ´͈ ᗜ `͈ )♡

    Hi guys!!!! Just found this when i was looking up a manga. soooo happy to discover this place!!!! Hope we'll all have fun here.
  16. aqua11alta

    Sanya Zensen - Ajisaka Kouya [JP]

    new title! thank you so much
  17. aqua11alta

    Ai Nante Sakebu hazu ga nai - London Pariko [JP]

    another new series by london pariko sensei~ thanks
  18. aqua11alta

    Undead Pappy - Sakishita Senmu

    arigatou! i love this mangaka!
  19. aqua11alta

    Mendoukusai Otona - Yuitsu [JP]

    arigatou! nice series
  20. aqua11alta


    new series! YASS! thank youuuuu
  21. Chase felt his chest flutter and he could stop smiling. He just felt the world zoom out around them as they looked back into eachothers eyes. "My futur with you will be bright" Chase said although he knew it sounded cheesy. But he still felt incredibly happy. As they stood here at the end of Chase's world a new unfolded put before them. Chase's didn't know much about what the futur would hold but he did know that Leo would be in it, and that was all that mattered. Their eye gazing got interrupted as a shadow passed in over them from the sky. Chase's head shot upwards alert and on guard as the dragon made ready to land. It was only a group of smaller dragons. Dragoons as they prefered beeing called. There were 3 in total and although they were still half a size of an average dragon kin. They wasn't much of a threat to Chase. He had dealted with mord of those damn big birds than he cared to remember. Chase took Leo's hand and brought him with him away from the edge. "Don't worry. These guys aren't all that strong" Chase said through their bond. "Greetings princeling, it been a while since the last time we seen you hasn't it?" The leader of the groub as his siblings whom all nodded and they did a small gestur of a bow with their necks. It was an half hearted gestur though. "But your pet we've seen before" another dragoon smirked. Chase's hand formed into a fist but his face expression didn't change. He wanted to punch a hole in the guy's stomach for calling his bond a pet. Leo might be from below but he was still a pure dragon kin. "Did you guys want something of me? Or are you just gonna stand there insulting the kings guest? Knowing that by your answer I could claim your left wing for the remark. "Oh a guest? How were we to know the male was a guest and not a breeder send to the princeling? With all the noise coming from the prince's wing the castle had been very loud." "We knew the prince was driffrent than us dragons but maybe you are just dragon enough to give birth to a grandchild since you can't find a suitable female you haft to make your own" Chase's blood boiled at this point as he launched towards them.
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