Where to post?

Yaoi Fanfiction - Here are included all yaoi, shounen ai, basically all boy x boy fiction with already existing characters (from manga, anime, movies, books, bands, TV shows etc)

Original Yaoi Fiction - Here go all yaoi, shounen ai, all boy x boy fictions with your own characters (characters created by you)

Non-Yaoi Fiction - All non-yaoi fictions and fanfictions go here (non-bl fiction both with original and existing characters)

How to post?

  • The title:

(Rating icon) Fandom: Fiction Title (Pairing)


Note: For Original Fiction, as there is no fandom, the rating icon and the fiction title are the only ones required.

  • The content:

Before actually starting the fanfic, all threads should have a short summary and the status.

Summary: A short summary of the fiction (without revealing important moments of the story)
Status: Completed, In Progress or Discontinued
Warnings: Only if any apply. Ex: Rape, non-con, incest, zoophilia, tentacles, excessive violence, crimes etc.


Note: Those who already have the fanfics published, send me a PM with the short summary and the status for each of your fictions and I'll edit the threads for you.