BL Dramas : List of BL Movies

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15 (Eng Subs) new!

200 American

4:30 (Eng Subs) new!

99 days (Hongkong)


A Crimson Mark (short korean gay film)

A Frozen Flower

A Home at the End of The World (Non-Asian)

A Queer Story (HK 1997) (Eng Subs)

A Touch of Fever - Hatachi no Binetsu (Eng Subs) new!

Ai no Kotodama (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Ai no Kotodama 2 - Sekai no Hate Made (Eng Subs) new! (Alternative link)

Amphetamine (Eng Subs) new!

Ang Lalake Sa Parola (Eng Subs)

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (Eng Subs)

Antique (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Antique Cake Store (Eng Subs) new!

Antonio's Secret (Eng Subs) new!

Artemisia, Ai Tsao - 2009

Asymmetry (Raw)


Bad Romance (2011)

Bangkok Love Story (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Beautiful Boxer (Eng Subs) new!

Big Bang Love Juvenile A (Eng Subs) new!

Bishonen (Eng Subs) new!

Boku no Kareshi wo Shokai Shimasu (Raw) (Alternative link)

Bokura no Ai no Kanade (Eng Subs) new!

Boring Love -Seng Ped- (Eng Subs)

Boy (Eng Subs) new!

Boy Crush (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

Boy Culture (Non-Asian)

Boy Meets Boy (2008, English sub)

Boys Love: (Eng Subs)

Boys Love 2 (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Boys on Film 6 - Pacific Rim (2011)


Bungee Jumping of Their Own (English-sub)


Camellia Project

Campus Crush (need help to get subs)

Children of God

Chinese Boys Love Story (Short film, non-Asian)

Circles (Eng Sub) Watch Online Only

City Without Baseball (Eng Subs) new!

Crush (Michael J. Saul)

Crystal Boys

Cut sleeve b.o.y.s (2006)


Dangerous Love [TVXQ]


Down the river (eng)

Dream Boy

Du Er Ikke Alene (You Are Not Alone)


East Palace, West Palace (Eng Subs)

End of Love (Eng Subs) new!

Enter the Phoenix (Eng Subs)

Eternal Summer (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Ethan Mao (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)


Farewell My Concubine (Eng Subs)

Feeding Boys Ayaya

Formula 17 (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Fragile in Love (Chinese Subs)

Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra (Eng Subs) new! (Alternative link)

Funeral Parade of Roses (Eng Subs)


Girlfriend Boyfriend (Eng Subs) new!

Gloomy Salad Days (Eng Subs) new!

Go! Go! G-Boys (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Gohatto (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Gonin (Eng Subs)

Going Down in LalaLand (Eng Subs) new!


Happy Together

Hatsu-koi- First Love (Eng Subs) new!

Heavenly Touch (Eng) new!

Hello My Love (Eng Subs) new!

Huhwihaji Anha (No Regret)

Hush! (English subbed)


I Am Not What You Want (2001 ; English, Chinese sub)

Imoral (Raw) new!

In My Life (Eng Subs) new!

Innocent (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

In The Light (Short film, non-asian) Watch Online Only

Iron Ladies (Eng Subs)

Iron Ladies 2 (Eng Subs)

It Seems to Rain (Eng Subs) new!

Itsuka No Kimi E (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)


Junjou- Pure Heart (Chn Subs)

Junjou [Pure Heart] (English Subs) new!

Just Friends? (Eng Subs) new!


Keep The Lights On new!

Kim Chu-ja (Eng Subs)

Kimi no Ita Natsu Zenhen

Kindan no Koi (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Kira Kira Hikaru new!

Kizumomo (English Subs) new!


L'Homme De Sa Vie

Lan Yu (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Life is Beautiful - The Beginning

Life is Beautiful - The Sequel

Life is Beautiful - The Last Part

Like Grains of Sand (Eng Subs)

Looking new!

Lost in Paradise ( Vietnam)

Lost in Paradise (Vietnam) (Eng Subs)

Love 100 Degrees C (2011) (Eng Subs) Love Actually Sucks (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

Lucky Bastard (Eng Subs)


M2M 3: Versus (Raw) new!

Mambo Italiano (2003)

Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san (Eng Subs) new!

Miss Boys (Eng Subs)

Moreno aka Bronze (Raw) new!

Muscle (1989)

My fair son (Eng Subs)

My Friend is Still Alive new!

My Best Gay Friends (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only - Vietnamese Series)


Nagisa no Sindbad (Like Grains of Sand)

Napola ~ Before The Fall

Night Corridor (Eng Subs) new!

Ningen Shikkaku (Eng Subs) new!

No Regret (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Noordzee Texas (Eng Subs, Non-Asian) new!


Ouran High School Host Club (Eng)


Pair of Love new!

Permanent Residence

Princess Princess (Eng Subs) new!

Private Romeo


Quite Ordinary (short) (Eng subs) new!


Rainbow Eyes new!

REC (Eng Sub) new!

Ren Ai Shindan-Tsubasa no Kakera (Eng Subs) new!

Ren Ai Shindan- Unmei No Kodou (Eng Subs) new!

RH Plus (Eng Subs) new!

Right by Me (Eng Subs) new!

Rodeu-mubi new! (Korean BL, no subs, Watch Online Only)


Salo (Share)

Seeing Heaven



Silom Soi 2 (Eng Subs)


Soundless Wind Chime (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Splendid Float (Eng Subs) new!

Spring Fever (Eng Subs)

Stateless Things (Korean, RAW) new!

Strapped (2010)

Struggle (Non-asian) Watch Online Only

Sukitomo (Eng Subs)

Summer Storm

Summer Vacation 1999 (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Suri Nokoshita Natsu- Golden Bomber Movie (Eng Subs


Taiikukan Baby (Eng Subs)

Takumi-kun I: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Takumi-kun II: Niji iro no Garasu (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Takumi-kun III: Bibou no Detail (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

Takumi-kun IV: Pure (Eng Subs)

Takumi-kun V: Ano Hareta Aozora (Eng Subs)

The 10th Great Thing

The Accident (Sam yuen yi ma) (1999)

The Boy Next Door (Short movie, non-asian) new! Watch Online Only

The Closet (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

The Depth (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

The Favor 1 & 2 new! (Watch Online Only)

The King and The Clown (Eng Subs) (Alternative link)

The Iron Ladies 1 (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

The Love of Siam (Eng Subs

The Postcard (Eng Subs)

To Dance with Darkness (Short movie, non-asian) new! Watch Online Only


Two Weddings and a Funeral (Raw) new!


Vampire Boys

Verbotone Liebe (Forbidden Love) (Series, Eng Subs)

Verona (The movie) (Eng Subs)


Walang Kawala (Raw + Eng Subs) new!

Water (Eng Subs) new! (Watch Online Only)

Watercolors (2008)

Weekend (2011)

When Beckham Met Owen (Eng subs)

White Night (Korean, RAW)


You Used to Smile That Way (Eng Subs) new!